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JVirGel online version
Screenshots of JVirGel
Download of JVirGel standalone version

newFeatures of JVirGel 2.0:
  • Added a Guided Tour Menu: Help->JVirGel Tour (Standalone Version)
  • Opened new FAQ-Section on our website
  • Prediction and visualisation of Sec-based secretomes
  • Prediction and visualisation of membrane proteomes
  • Download of JVirGel 2.0 standalone is available now
  • Update of precalculated proteomes: 227 precalculated prokaryotic proteomes are available now
  • Possibility to download predicted virtual 2D gel data as MS-Excel report

Create your own Virtual 2D Gel in two steps

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Type/paste sequences below:
Amino acid sequences must be in FASTA-format
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Choose a proteome 
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